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 Las Vegas Follies
Silver Slipper Collection

This is a new Blog, and a supplement to the Julian Ritter Website.

My name is Greg Autry. I was a friend, a Patron, and a collector of Julian's work. I am currently writing a book about Julian's Life and Art, and living in Las Vegas while doing research for the book.

Greg Autry                                                              

model Yvonne Autry and Julian Ritter*
Torito Rd Studio, Summerland CA, circa 1983

As a businessman for 35 years, I was a General Contractor and Real Estate Developer. During that time I met Julian, and began a relationship with a man I grew to love dearly, and which would change my life forever.

Mr Whimsey
Silver Slipper Collection

I am retired now and my new "career" is that of an artist, a writer, and a photographer. I paint myself, in oils. I am a writer, writing the book and hopefully a screenplay about Julian, as well as a photojournalist doing articles for LA Splash Magazine, and others.  I'm also a professional photographer doing commercial fashion, editorial, and Events [I have individual Blogs and a website regarding my photography].

My photography and my art are focused primarily the Beauty of Women. Julian and I had that in common.

Portrait of Showgirl Janet Boyd*
purchased from the artist

I do Appraisals and Authentications of Julian work. I consult with Appraisers from around the country who often contact me because of my expertise.  As a painter myself, who sat by Julian and learned, while he painted, and as a Collector and Dealer in Art who attends Galleries and functions so as to know the Art Market, I have a unique Expertise when it comes to Julian's Art.  I do charge a fee for Appraisals, which are very reasonable.

I do Appraisals for original oil paintings, by Julian Ritter. No others.

Las Vegas Fantasy*
Private Commission

I'm also one of the largest private collectors in the world, of original Julian Ritter paintings.  My collection consist of paintings I commissioned Julian to paint, or that I purchased directly from Julian, or lastly, the Silver Slipper Collection, owned previously by Howard Hughes and which hung from 1950 through 1988 at the Silver Slipper Casino in Las Vegas.

I also know and work closely with the Julian Ritter Estate.

I will be doing regular Post here about Julian's Art, and things related to Julian.  Please do send me your comments , suggestions, and let me know what you think, anything you would like to see or know about.  I only require people be courteous and professional. You can see more on my Facebook Pages, as well as my website.

*Please feel free to Pin and Share Photos. No Commercial usage in either implied nor granted

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