Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Salon Nudes from the Horseshoe and Silver Slipper Casinos

Sept 6, 2016

This painting was discovered when I purchased the Silver Slipper Collection, at the side of the main bar.  It was first hung at the old Horseshoe Casino, or the Frontier Hotel by Benny Binion, and Moe Dalitz, in the late 1940's. Which Casino, is still in question. Then it was moved to the Silver Slipper when the new remodel was done.  Benny and Moe had envisioned  a Casino, with grandiose Bars, "like an old high class Bordello.' And thats what they got.

Julian often re-incorporated models and poses into subsequent paintings. Here Julian juxtaposes the stylish "proper" socialite, in white hat, gloves, and gown with the flaxen haired nude vixen on the right. Contrasting the sin and virtue of Las Vegas and the women it drew.

Directly above is a photo I took of Julian working in his studio on Torito Road, in Summerland, California. The painting shown at the top of the page, served as a study piece for a much larger painting, done later, in which Julian inserted a self-portrait of himself sitting amongst the same "proper" society lady, as well as an assortment of nude showgirls, and working girls.  He would use the same pose several times, he loved the arch of her back, as a means of portraying societies "straight laced" attitudes towards sexuality. Julian spent a lifetime painting, and in that lifetime he strived to portray a woman's sensuality and sexuality as something that should be celebrated , not shamed. 

The Reclining Nude above also comes from the Silver Slipper Collection, and was in fact a centerpiece of the collection. Having hung in the opulent entry to the Casino for many years, it was simply called, the `Entry Piece.'  The Reclining Nude pose, is a Hallmark of the Salon Nudes Julian became famous for.  In the early 1950's these nudes were considered scandalous, thought-of in terms of `New Modern Art,' for the brightness and lively sensuality that was so openly displayed.

These paintings are masterpieces, painted in layers of glazes which create luscious flesh tones of amazing translucense. The figure is rendered in exquisite perfection, with ample breast, pink nipples, and hips raised on a pillow of silk to seduce. 

For more stories and information, please go to the Julian Website. You can also contact Greg Autry if you have painting that need Appraisals, or which you may wish to sell. 

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