Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jane Russell and Julian Ritter

Jane Russell was a mega star during the 1950's, the period also known as Julian's Golden Years. Jane Russell owned the home on Torito Road, that Julian first rented, then purchased in Summerland, California.Torito Road became Julian's haven , where he lived with Laurie Kokx after the `Boat Trip' aboard the Galilee, and painted in the studio out back. It's said that Julian painted Russell's portrait but I've been unable to substantiate it, or find any images. Still looking. Lastly, I am including a couple of Google images of Jane Russell, note the facial structure, and the posing, and how similar to Julian's work of the time.  

The other connection of course, is Russell's relationship to Howard Hughes, and Hughes ultimately owning the collection in the Silver Slipper. One of Julian's greatest Paintings was a large reclining nude he did, which was hung at the Entry of the Silver Slipper Casino in Las Vegas. Shown below, note the similar pose to Jane Russell's pose, the black hair, the facial features, and the curvy body. Coincidences, I think not. 

This image of Julian, working the the Torito Road studio was taken by me in 1984. Very unusual, it shows Julian starting a painting, on canvas, under-toned in purple. My work on Julian's biography continues, researching facts and stories, and always intrigued by what I find.

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